KC Airway Taping System

A clean, single-use airway securing and eye closure taping system designed for day surgery and emergent care settings


It's time for a BETTER airway taping practice!

KC Airway Taping System is Setting New Standards


The Tape Problem

Tape is currently one of the few items in anesthesia practice and emergency room settings that is not designated single use. Tape cannot be decontaminated between patient use and provider handling.

The Research

Well documented in medical literature, rolls of tape are a proven vector of virulent organisms and have been identified as a contributor to disease transmission and hospital acquired infections. Hospitals increasingly rely on single-use devices to minimize infection risk.

The KelCor Solution

Borrowing on current taping practice in its application, KC Airway Taping System is a clean, single-use airway securing and eye closure device designed for day surgery and emergent care settings.

"A better taping practice must be implemented to reduce the risk of pathogen exposure and pathogen transmission, to ensure patient safety."

Securing the endotracheal tube with adhesive tape: an integrative literature review.
Krug L, Machan M, Villalba J.

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