KC Airway Taping System

Proudly made in the USA



KC Airway Taping System


KC Airway Taping System is improving patient care by eliminating pathogen transmission between patients via current taping practices.  Setting the new standard in aiway taping practice, KC Airway Taping System provides a clean and single-use airway securing system that includes KC Airway Tape and KC Eye Tape.

KC Airway Tape


KC Airway Tape is specifically designed and engineered with airway specialists in mind.  Made with familiar tape materials and borrowing on current airway taping practices, KC Airway Tape provides secure and efficient application.  Because of its unique design, practitioners can have peace of mind using KC Airway Taping System on all oral, nasal and supraglottic airway devices.

KC Eye Tape

KC Eye Tape.jpg

KC Eye Tape is designed to cover patient's eyes to minimize the risk for injury.  Made from transparent tape material, KC Eye Tape allows easy assessment and monitoring.  Clearly marked blue tabs are specifically positioned to provide simple application and removal while always maintaining eye closure.